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Design and Build

Op verantwoorde wijze plegen we interventies die het uiterlijk en de gebruikskwaliteit van het gebouw actualiseren, om het pand weer een tweede leven te geven.

We take new projects through the following five stages of the design-and-build process:

Phase 1. Intake and assessment

We invest a lot into getting to know you well. We want to know what you and your company stand for, and how you want to be perceived by the outside world. In this first stage we will go over your needs and wants, guided by a checklist.

We will look at the functional, antithetical and technical aspects of the design and ask questions about the facilities you want, what your organizational identity is, and how we can make that shine through in the design.

On the technical level we will for instance look at the ICT facilities needed, but also at security and access-control. These too are important subjects to cover. Finally we will discuss the planning and time line and the budgetary constraints.


Phase 2. Design

Following the intake and assessment phase we commence the design. This involves four steps: Conceptual design, preliminary design, final design and technical design. In these four steps we develop the concept until we have a detailed design, including colour choices, fabrics and materials, mood-boards and 3D visuals. Working our way towards this final design is a very dynamic process and we like to take you with us in it in order to attain the best possible result.

Phase 3. Planning

At the start of the design process we also make a detailed time line planning. This will contain all the steps; from making the design until and including the delivery and acceptance. This ensures that all parties have a clear view of the critical points, deadlines and time-line.


Phase 4. Construction

During the construction phase of the project Hollandse Stijl will act as main contractor. This means we will take full responsibility for the successful completion of the project. Together with the project team we will ensure a perfect delivery according to the planning and within the budget.

During this stage our project manager will be your communications partner. The manager will also take responsibility for all other matters with building owners, subcontractors and all other parties involved. Thus, you will always be assured of a maximum in quality and a minimum in worries.

Of course all on-site safety measures and precautions will be implemented and strictly enforced during construction and all personnel on site will be VCA-certified. We will hold regular construction team meetings to keep the client informed about the progress and eventualities.

At the conclusion of the project all the furniture will have been installed and the site will have been cleaned until spotless. We also take care of moving already existing current inventory you wish to retain. In short, the project will be delivered in its entirety.

Phase 5. Follow up

After completion of the project we do a final wrapping up. We will deliver to you all revision drawings and guarantees, but we would also like to know about your experiences in the cooperation and project management. Your feedback is essential for us to continue to improve.

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