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Complete ontzorging bij interieurprojecten


The importance of sustainable development is becoming paramount. Not only for our clients but also for us.

Veiligheid voor mens, dier en milieu

And so it should be as the choices we make now will ensure a better future for generations to come.

Our suppliers too are deeply committed to the use of sustainable materials. Over the years we have seen an increased development of equipment and materials that are safer for people, animal life and the environment in general. Whenever possible we try to use materials that are nontoxic and recyclable. We also try to avoid equipment and materials that are produced in countries with a reputation for child labour and/or adverse labour conditions. We also guarantee separate waste processing in all building projects, thus minimizing the environmental impact of the project, without compromising build quality and finish.


BREAAM and WELL are quality certificates that have been awarded to constructions since 2009. BREAAM concerns the assessment and certification of quality in the area of sustainability. WELL is about assessment and certification of quality in the area of health and safety in the workplace. This involves indoor climate, daylight aspects and general wellness.

Hollandse Stijl has ample experience in the renovation of buildings that require BREAAM or WELL certification.             

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